Samui Transport

There are many ways to get around Koh Samui, some exciting, whilst others are a little more casual.  Here is a handy guide of what’s on offer…



Car taxis are in plentiful supply on Koh Samui, they can be flagged down in the street or your hotel can order you one at a moment’s notice.  They are ideal for groups of people, travelling with luggage, and they are also a safer alternative to their counterpart, the motorbike taxi.  Many will also have air conditioning, which can be extremely welcome during hot weather.  Be sure to ask the driver to set the meter before driving off, or alternatively set an agreed price.  If an agreement cannot be reached, just get in another taxi !

Air Conditioned Luxury !!


Motorbike taxis are easily identified as the driver will be wearing a coloured numbered vest.  They are easy to flag down (as long as they are free), and the taxi drivers often position themselves in hotspots.  Many speak good English, so be prepared to negotiate a price firstly.  Prices start from around 30 baht.  It is not unusual for the taxi driver to go fast, so if you feel uncomfortable with this, just tell them to go slowly.

Better Hold on Tight !!

Bus (Songthaews)

Songthaews are covered red pick-up trucks that work during daylight hours.  They serve as local buses that have no official stops.  If you wish to get around the island by songthaew, then just flag one done and the driver will be sure to stop for you.  The vehicle’s destination is written in English on the front and sides, but it is always wise to double check with the driver before jumping in the back.  In order to signal to the driver that you wish to get off, just press the button or bang on the roof.  Pay the driver when you leave, the fare should range between 20 to 60 baht.

Songthaews Litterally Grow on Trees in Samui


Car / Motorbike

Car and motorbike rental is available through internationally known hire companies as well as local operators.  The local operators will offer a more competitively priced deal, but in return the car must stay on the island.  It is common for the hire company to retain your passport for the duration of the rental.  Prices start from roughly 800 baht per day.


Moped hire is by far and away the most popular choice on Koh Samui.  It offers great value, convenience, and freedom to explore the island.  Prices start around 150 per day depending on where you stay.  Some accommodations will have their own mopeds available for hire, so it’s always worth asking at reception.

The Law

Driving on the left hand side is compulsory in Thailand.  All motorcyclists are required to wear a crash helmet (one should always be provided by either the rental company or motorbike taxi driver).  The fine for not wearing one is 500 baht.  If you are in a car, then the driver and front seat passengers are required to wear seat belts.

Thai Policeman in Uniform

 If you wish to hire any vehicle, then an international driving licence or national licence is required.  However there may be some companies and smaller rental firms that may not ask for any proof at all.