Samui Weather

Samui Climate and Seasons

Koh Samui’s split between dry, hot, and rainy seasons are the results of having a tropical monsoon climate.

Dry Season
December to February.  There isn’t much rain during these months, but there can still be some refreshing wind or breeze at this time. This is great news for those wind and body surfers.  There is normally a plentiful amount of sunshine during this season.

Hot Season
March to August.  The weather is still dry during this period, with  the temperature ranging from 28-35 degrees during the day.  There is however likely to be an increase in rainfall throughout.

Life’s a Beach, when it’s Hot!!

Rainy Season
September to November.  This is also Also known as the monsoon season. It's still hot and normally there are many sunny days in the monsoon period. On some days you might find yourself in a refreshing monsoon shower for a moment. The rain showers are often short and as these island's water supplies are finite, the rain is needed and important.

When it Rains it's Wise to have an Umbrella!!

Koh Samui Weather Stats

Temperatures in Celcius: Average Values