Samui Sunsets

Heaven Scent Sunsets

The tropical sunsets Koh Samui have to offer will pierce a spiritual hole straight through the eyes, heart and mind.  With such phenomenal beauty, with so many changing colours, one can hardly believe their eyes.  To see is to believe, and when gazed upon it’s impossible not to feel humble.

Needless to say, that to witness a Koh Samui sunset, one must gain a western vantage point.  There are countless places to choose from, and part of the fun is finding a unique location on the island, of which there are many.  Sunset times on the island varies little throughout the year.  The earliest sunset of the year is 17:55 and the latest is 18:42 (ICT Indo-China Time)

Nathon – Sunset Café

Low Tide Leaving a Rich Yellowy Purple

BBC (Big Budda Café)

Astonishing Multi-Coloured Ripples

Taling Ngam

Liquid Gold Sky Melting into Sea